Samantha’s Christening Preps

by Marie

In a couple of weeks, we will introduce Samantha to her close relatives at her Christening. Our baby’s officially becoming a part of the “Christian world” is an important milestone to be celebrated.

Christening Guestlist – Who to Invite?
Up until a few days ago, I was still contemplating whether to do a full-on party with all our aunts and uncles and friends, which would be more fun and loud, and also means more heads to entertain and feed.When taking care of a newborn and moving houses, entertaining a huge crowd just seems like an overwhelming task. So we started with just inviting our parents, siblings, and godparents.
As the date grew closer and we were figuring out where to host the reception, I kind of felt bad that we would have a small intimate party for the Christening when we actually had a bigger group at our Baby Shower last April! And so… I want more people! More loved ones to celebrate with us and meet the little one.

Baptism Venue Options

  • St Jerome Emiliani near ATC – easy to get to a reception venue at a nearby restaurant.
    Mass baptism is every Sunday, 12NN.
    But the Church has a policy na daw that you HAVE to be baptized within your parish. And so…
  • Resurrection of our Lord Parish – the parish of my youth, where I had my Confirmation. Sat 2pm or Sun 12pm. Just a bit of a hassle managing our schedules for their pre-Jordan seminar, which are only held on Sundays. So if your ceremony is on a Saturday, you have to do the seminar the Sunday before, whereas other churches have the seminar on the same day of the ceremony. Requirements: copies of birth certificate and marriage certificate. P300 registration.
    Phone/Fax: 842-54-34
    Parish Office Hours: 8:00am to 12:oonn; 2:00pm to 6:00pm Tue to Sun; Closed Mondays

Baptism Reception Venue Options

Key Considerations are of course budget, ambiance, quality of food and service, where we can have a good time

  • Our House – no rental fee, we’ll have to set up tables in the garage, street parking, ngarag daw usually for the host, no time limit
  • Amici ATC Function Room – up to 50 pax, might be hard to access from the Church for BF non-residents,2 hrs max on weekends, includes projector and mic. Cathy Cadiz, (02) 403 9373
  • Conti’s BF Function Room – up to 75 pax, valet parking, includes sound system, P1200/hr in excess of 2 hrs, additional electricity charge if we bring a projector or monitor. Donna/Aimee, (02) 807 3388
  • Pizza Hut BF – exclusive use at 50 pax, must avail of kiddie birthday party package (P2500) on top of food – Fairyland theme for girls, only 2 official parking slots. Manicx, the Store Manager, explained to us the available packages and was willing to grant us exclusive use of the restaurant and help us source parking from neighboring establishments. Very accommodating, he gave us complimentary garlic bread pa! (02) 772 3549

When we had to choose, like, the other day —
JP: What do you want for the party?
Me: A chance for our relatives to meet Samantha and catch up with each other

It became obvious that holding it at the house will give us that. Holding it in a restaurant or clubhouse with a time limit may not be enough, like when we had the baby shower at Max’s.

It will be simple, like your old-school birthday party at home, and laid-back. Let’s just hope hindi ako ma-stress OTD 🙂