Hello world!

by Marie

I’m Marie Dela Torre.

Welcome! This is my new blog, where I will have to build a fresh new virtual repository of insights and musings as part of my transition to my new married name. Until recently, I would still blog at my own personal domain, www.mariecasas.com

What’s funny is I actually don’t mind having changed my name already on my driver’s license and most of my bank accounts and credit cards. I haven’t bothered with some of my other papers yet. But really, changing my Internet profiles?! It is very hard for me. It took months for me to change my Twitter handle to @mariedelatorre. Just goes to show I value my personal brand — as anyone should. Need to devote some more time to that.

Anyway, what will I be writing about here, I wonder? I know what topics I love to read about or watch, so maybe it will have to do something with those? Like personal finance, productivity, anything to do with tech and business and web, real estate, books, relationships. Lately I’ve had to learn more about dressing for corporate and managing down and up!

I will write to you soon 🙂