Family Vacation!

by Marie

How blessed are we that we get to take a long vacation together as a family? This trip isn’t even halfway thru and we’ve had so many amazing experiences! Working around my personal rules about online privacy, I just have to share these tidbits!

  • It is super fun and easy to drive a car in America. Driving a car, in California at least, is a breeze compared to the stress of driving around Metro Manila. Everything’s straightforward. People follow the rules of road and you don’t have to always be on edge driving defensively. Parking is much easier too so far. I haven’t had to park in reverse because the spots are too tight.
  • It is so easy, convenient, and compelling to buy stuff – online and in retail. Want an iced coffee? You don’t even have to park, just drive-thru. For the best deals, you learn quickly to weigh whether to go around the stores or to just order on Amazon Prime. Whereas in Manila, going to the mall is practically an event and you don’t have as big a selection of merchandise available online.
  • I love that we have family and friends who have been so generous in providing us a place to stay. I hope we can return the favor someday.
  • I love that you can go anywhere — with just a handy GPS. No data connection required! No greedy traffic enforcers to stress you out, making up road rules.
  • Experiencing long days is new. It’s surprising to see how much you can pack in a day, because the sun is still up! We don’t really have seasons where we’re from, so sunrise and sunset times hardly vary. The weather apps tell chances of rain so you can plan accordingly. And the temperature has been just perfect — especially for S. She sleeps better when it’s a little chilly. And goodbye mosquito bites!